kodyknowsMy name is Kody Karppinen I am a senior at the University of Minnesota Duluth majoring in Entrepreneurship! I have always had a passion for making money online. I have been trying since I was 13 years old. Throughout all of these years I have learned how to make money online in MANY different ways. This site is about me sharing my knowledge with you! Don’t expect to get rich quick because making money online takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears plus a lot ton of motivation.


My Story

When I was 13 years old I typed “Work From Home Jobs” into the YouTube search bar. The first result at that time was a “guru” promoting a business called Global Domains International (GDI). I signed up under him for $10 and got my referral website. I thought this was going to be easy money promoting this business, but I quickly realized that getting signups is a lot easier said than done. I promoted my referral link through social media and got a few signups a week but nothing major. After a month I got my first $100+ paycheck from GDI. I immediately went to the bank and cashed it in. I took the very first dollar the teller gave me and framed it: “My First Dollar Made Online.” I framed it because I knew it was possible to make money online and it was what I really wanted to do.


Fast-forward a couple years to when I was 16. At this time I had moved on from GDI and started affiliate marketing with Clickbank and JvZoo. I also started a blog about how to make money online (not KodyKnows.com). I remember making my first sale on a weight loss product with Clickbank and I knew from then on that affiliate marketing had HUGE potential. Then I started using Bing Ads to send cheap traffic to my affiliate offer via direct linking.


When I was 19 I decided to make a YouTube Channel called Kody Knows as well as this blog. My first video I created is a “Le-Vel Thrive Compensation Plan Review” for a Direct Sales company I’m involved in. (This video has over 17K views at this moment). I immediately knew that I had potential with YouTube because: 1.) My first video took off and gave me confidence, 2.) I enjoyed recording myself when making the videos, 3.) I really want to guide people & help them make money online!


Present Day: I have continued with this blog and my YouTube Channel and both have became quite popular. I also launched a Bing Ads Training course ( BingAdsTraining.com ) that has around 400 members so far and has helped MANY people make money online. I am in the process of making a YouTube Training course ( YouTube Training Coming Soon ) as well.

I am still using Bing Ads myself to send traffic to MaxBounty, Clickbank, JvZoo, Share-a-Sale and CJ offers. I am also a member of Motor Club of America and have been getting consistent sales since I joined.