How to Add in Negative Keywords to Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) Campaigns

There are a couple main reasons why I think it’s important for advertisers to know how to add in negative keywords to their Bing Ads (now Microsoft Ads) campaigns…

Reason #1: It can save you a boat load of money

If you’re tracking your campaigns properly you’ll be able to tell which query strings are eating up a bunch of your ad budget and not resulting in conversions. (Query Strings are the exact keyword(s) that was typed into the Bing search bar which resulted in a click)

Once you run your campaign for a while you can make data driven decisions on which keywords are simply not worth spending money on. Then you can add in these keywords as “Negative Keywords” inside your Bing ads campaign.

Reason #2: It can make sure your being compliant with affiliate networks

A good majority of affiliate marketing offers have “no brand bidding allowed” in the offer description. This means you can’t have your ads show up for branded searches. For example, if you’re promoting a Nutrisystem offer you can’t have your ads show up for the following search terms:

  • how much does Nutrisystem cost?
  • where to purchase Nutrisystem
  • Nutrisystem reviews

To prevent your ads showing up for these search terms you have to add “Nutrisystem” as a negative keyword on phase match… Here’s how you’d do that:

(1) When you’re inside your campaign click the “Keywords” tab

(2) Click “Negative Keywords”

(3) Enter in one negative keyword per line (example: Nutrisystem)

Keep in mind your negative keywords MUST be either phrase match or exact match.

(4) Click “Save”

That’s it… It’s really simple to add in negative keywords into your bing ads / microsoft ads campaigns.

If you want to watch a video tutorial on how to add negative keywords into a Bing Ads campaign you can watch it below:

Enjoy 🙂