AdSpy – Facebook Ads Spy Tool Review

Spying on Facebook Ad campaigns is the best way to start out because you can get a bunch of ideas of what others are doing & what’s working for them…

(Side note: Spying is the 1st “S” in my 4S Affiliate System – Spy…Swipe…Split…Scale)

The #1 mistake that newbie affiliate marketers make is NOT starting out their campaigns by spying on the competition! (PS – check out this free method of spying on Facebook Ads with BigSpy)

I like to use AdSpy for my Facebook Ads Spy Tool. Why? Because they are extremely affordable and easy to use!

Here’s a FULL tutorial video on how to spy on Facebook Ad campaigns using AdSpy:

In this example tutorial I show you how to spy on a popular ClickBank product called Ted’s Woodworking.

All I did was type in a related phrase (example: “woodworking”) and then added another filter of total likes (1,000+)…

As you can see from the image above their are a bunch of other filters you can add in for your searches including:

  • Site Type (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Ages (18 – 65+)
  • Daily Likes (0 – 1,000+)
  • Total Likes (0 – 100,000+)
  • Media Type (Photo or Video Ad)
  • Created Between & Seen Between
  • Affiliate Networks, Affiliate ID or Offer ID
  • Advertiser User ID or Advertiser Username
  • Technologies, Countries, Language, and Buttons

As soon as you choose your desired filters and add in some keywords for ad text you can click “add to filters” and you will see all the ads that match your filters!

Now I like to spend several hours typing in related ad text keywords and messing around with various filters to find ideas for my future Facebook Ads campaign!

Some of the things I look for are: ad images, ad videos, call to actions (CTA’s), landing pages, angles, etc…

I take notes on all of the things in a word document and then this will be my “Swipe File” that I can go look at whenever I want during the campaign creation process! (This has been very effective for my FB Ads campaigns)

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Take your affiliate marketing game to the next level by spying before creating your campaigns 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this AdSpy tutorial post!