Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

If you’re looking to start running paid traffic to affiliate marketing offers then Facebook Ads is a great choice!

But BEWARE: it’s very easy for affiliate marketers to get their accounts banned for breaking FB Ads policies. Here are a couple quick examples of what will get your ad account banned fast:

(1) Direct linking to affiliate offers (NEVER do this…)

You must use a landing page when running affiliate offers using Facebook Advertising. Why? Well a lot of affiliate marketers promote offers in a very aggressive manner (black hat) while direct linking. Once Facebook shuts down these affiliates they make a note of the URL the affiliate was sending traffic to.

So if you come along and try to direct link to that offer in a clean (white-hat) method, Facebook will see that you’re sending traffic to a URL that has been blacklisted and BOOM – account ban… Solution: use a landing page.

(2) Not following Facebook Ads Policies when creating ads

The second way affiliates run into trouble with Facebook Ads is by NOT being compliant when creating their ads. Here are some things you can’t do regarding Personal Attributes:

  • Text referencing or or alluding to personal attributes or characteristics of the targeted group or individual
  • Using the word “other” to reference a personal characteristic

For example if I promoted a car insurance offer I couldn’t say: “Car insurance for 18-24 year olds” because that would be referencing a personal attribute. Make sure to keep up to date with Facebook Ads policies before diving into this traffic source. The key to succeeding is keeping your ad accounts in great standings!

I consider Facebook Ads a powerhouse traffic source for affiliate marketers because there is over 2 billion monthly active users which makes scaling campaigns easier than other traffic sources. Those who know me from my YouTube channel will know that I started out using Bing Ads as a traffic source for affiliate marketing. Facebook has a lot more users which makes spending more a breeze!

Next, Facebook has amazing targeting capabilities! You can go VERY deep in your targeting to find the ideal audience for your affiliate offers. You can also upload email lists and have Facebook create Look-a-Like audiences for you. They do this by matching up the email addresses you upload – finding their profiles – and creating an audience of the people most like them!

Lastly, FB Ads came out with a new “Dynamic Creatives” option where you can let Facebook split test anywhere from 2-10 images along with multiple ad text, headlines, descriptions and CTA’s variations. By having Facebook do all the split testing you can save time and use this time to work on other aspects of your campaign like split testing landing pages or creating autoresponder series!

If you want to watch a free video on an overview of using Facebook Ads to promote affiliate offers you can watch it below: