The Best Affiliate Offers to Promote on Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

In this post I’m going to tell you how I go about finding affiliate offers to promote on Bing Ads.

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for offers to promote:

(1) Is the offer in an evergreen niche?

Example: offers in the weight loss niche are always going to be around for the long hall so that’s considered an evergreen niche. Other evergreen niches include: auto, home, credit, education, travel, etc…

(2) How does the offer page look on mobile, tablet & desktop

When you’re promoting offers on Bing Ads you will be getting a lot of clicks from mobile, tablet, and desktop users so it’s crucial to see how the offer’s landing page looks on ALL of these devices. You can use a free chrome extension called: Mobile Browser Emulator. (This is my preferred way of testing) If you don’t want to go this route you can also just pull out your mobile phone or tablet to see how it looks!

You’ll start to notice that some offer’s may not be mobile optimized – even though they say that they are – and that’s a huge red flag! Also, you can watch this video on how to test mobile & tablet landing pages and sales pages.

(3) How fast does the offer page load

People are getting more and more impatient now days, so choosing an offer that has a great loading speed can have a dramatic effect on your campaign ROI. You can use a free website called to test the offer page loading speed.

Another free way to test offer page loading speed is using Google Developer’s Page Speed Index.

(4) How much does the offer pay?

When I’m looking for offers to promote I like to pick offers that pay over $20-$30+. In my advanced bing ads training course I show you two ways I promote offers and BOTH methods work best if you promote a $20+ payout offer on the front end.

  • Method #1: Direct Linking

This is a fast way to test out offers to see if they have any potential.

  • Method #2: Optin Landing Pages

Once I find winning direct linking offers I change up the campaign design by creating an optin landing page and then sending them to the offer after I get their email. After this I send them though autoresponder series that is mixed with value emails and related offers. This is how you build long term value & start crushing it with affiliate marketing.

What does this have to do with the payout?

Well both methods work better when you have a payout over $20. (This is my personal opinion.)

If you want to watch a free video on how I choose & test affiliate offers to promote on bing ads you can watch it below:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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