BigSpy – Free Facebook Ads Spy Tool

I prefer to use paid spying methods using the AdSpy facebook ads spy tool. But, if you’re just starting out with Facebook Ads and affiliate / cpa marketing you might want to consider a free alternative…

The best Free Facebook Ads Spy Tool is Bigspy (this is my personal opinion).

When I first started out promoting affiliate offers on Facebook Ads I did NOT conduct my spying before creating the campaigns. Looking back this was one of the biggest mistakes I could of made as a beginner affiliate.

Think about it…

Why start out “blind” and hope you come up with a unique: angle, ad text, ad image / video, landing page, CTA’s, etc… This is a lot to get right on your own!

It makes more sense to spy on your Fb Ads competition and sort by the ads running longest. This way you can see what angles, ads, descriptions, landers, and CTA’s have been working and get ideas from these successful campaigns!

Here’s a tutorial on how to use BigSpy – the best free facebook ads spy tool:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to use BigSpy.

If you’d like to sign up & start using the BigSpy FB Ads Spy tool for free you can click here or the image below:

Happy spying 🙂