Creating an Affiliate Marketing Campaign With Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

In this post I’m going to show you a FULL affiliate marketing campaign setup with Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

This is going to be a girthy post w/ a TON of valuable information so make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back later 🙂

Let’s dive in…

Creating Your Bing Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign PT 1

Once you have your landing page setup and created your tracking links you can start creating your Bing Ads campaign! In this example Bing Ads campaign setup we’ll “promote” an offer called CLA Safflower Oil…

So to start off I will:

(1) name the campaign: CLA Safflower Oil

(2) Choose a Campaign Budget: $60/day

(3) Choose my Locations: United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom

(4) Who should see your ads: People IN your targeted location

(5) Language: English

Now that we have the ‘Campaign Settings’ configured, we can start creating our ad groups.

A super quick & easy way to generate a solid list of keywords is to use the Bing Keyword Planner.

(6) Get ad group and keyword ideas

For this step I simply entered in my landing page URL to have bing pull keyword ideas based on my website. If your direct linking you can also just paste in the offer page URL to generate keyword ideas. Lastly, you can enter in related keywords to the “Enter your product or service” space and have keywords generated from that too.

Once you enter in a website or some related keywords Bing will generate potential ad groups that you can import into the campaign. You will be able to see the:

  • Monthly searches
  • Monthly average cost per click (CPC)
  • Competition

Once you find some keywords to use and created some ad groups you can move onto Part 2…

Creating Your Bing Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign PT 2

In this section we are going to finish up the campaign by creating some ads for our campaign (plus some simple tips you can use to increase the CTR on your ads), device / country targeting, and then setting our budget & bids!

(7) Click +Create ad

You’ll need to start designing anywhere from 3-5 ads PER ad group(s) that you created in previous steps.

(8) Paste in your final URL & create your titles

Your final url will be your landing page link but if your direct linking the final url will be the offer page URL.

Pro tip: Make sure to conduct some spying on Bing Ads before creating your titles to see what others are doing that’s working…

(9) Create your ad text

Another way to find ideas for what to include in your ad texts / titles is to go to the affiliate offer page and see what they use throughout their website. Don’t just copy and paste from the offer page… Instead paraphrase!

Pro tip: I like to capitalize every word when creating my ads. I’ve spent thousands split testing ads that were all capitalized versus not capitalized and the majority of the time the capitalized ads performed better – increased Click Through Rate (CTR) and Return On Investment (ROI). (You can run your own split tests too)

Another tip to increase the ad CTR is to include the year in your ad copy!

Now we can move onto the last section which is “Budget & Bids”

(10) Campaign budget: Standard

(11) Bid Strategy: Manual

Don’t choose “Enhanced CPC” unless you have conversion tracking setup with Bing!

(12) Choose a Bid Amount

(13) Bid Adjustments For Targeted Locations (Optional)

If you think that you’ll get a higher EPC (Earnings Per Click) from a certain country you can adjust the bid by choosing “Increase by” and entering a number (example 50%). You can also decrease bids for certain countries as well…

(14) Bid Adjustment For Device Types

You can also adjust bids for certain device types. For example, if you know that your highest converting device is from desktop traffic you could increase your bids by 50%.

(15) Ad distribution: All search networks

You can choose “All search networks” which will show your ad to Bing, AOL, and Yahoo search AND syndicated search partners (recommended). Or you could choose “Owned and Operated” only or “Syndicated Search Partners” only.

(BOOM) You’re campaign has been created 🙂

Now Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising) will perform a policy review of your ads & keywords to make sure you’re compliant with the Bing Ads Policies. These reviews are usually completed within 1 business day. (If it takes super long you can contact Bing support and ask them what’s going on…)

But… we’re not done yet because we need to go in and add our ClickMagick Tracking Link to our ads!

Creating Your Bing Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign PT 3

So we’re almost done with our campaign we just need to add in our ClickMagick tracking links.

(16) Copy your ClickMagick tracking link

In this example campaign I am using a landing page. So I would grab the ClickMagick tracking link that points to the lander. (Click here to watch how I set these tracking links up)

(17) Paste in the tracking link in the “Tracking template” section

Once you paste in your tracking link you can click “Test” to make sure that it is working properly!

(18) Add some ClickMagick tracking tokens to the end of the tracking link

I like to add the following set of tracking tokens at the end of my tracking link:


By adding this to the end of the tracking link we can see what: keyword, ad, search term, ad group, and network (Owned and Operated or Syndicated Search Partners) that resulted in us getting clicks or conversions.

Pro Tip: Do NOT add parenthesis “()” in your ad group name because that will mess up the tracking link results.

Congrats – you’ve successfully set up a campaign with Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

Watch this video below on how to dive into the ClickMagick tracking statistics:

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more in depth tutorials on how to make money online with paid traffic and affiliate marketing.