How to Create Conversion Objective Campaigns With FB Ads

In this post I’m going to show you how to create conversion objective campaigns using Facebook Ads for affiliate / cpa marketing.

When I first started out advertising on Facebook I didn’t know the difference between a conversion objective or a traffic objective campaign…

I usually just chose a Traffic objective because I wanted to get the most clicks possible. But, as I started learning more and more about Facebook Ads I quickly found out that creating ‘Conversion Objective’ campaigns was where it’s at!


Because if you choose a conversion objective Facebook will: “Show your ads to people most likely to take valuable actions like making a purchase or opting into your email list.”

With traffic objectives Facebook pretty much shows your ads to people that love to click on ads and not do anything else… This means you’ll get a bunch of landing page views but few conversions!

Here’s a detailed video on how to create conversion campaigns on Facebook Ads with affiliate marketing offers:

Keep in mind, if the offer you’re promoting does NOT allow pixel placement on their TY page then you can alternatively tracking using a redirect page with Facebook Ads… (This is advanced stuff…)

Peace ✌