How to Create Ads From Existing Posts (FB Ads Tutorial)

Did you know that you could use published posts from your Facebook page and turn them into ads in the Ads Manager?

Here’s how you do it:

(1) Open Ads Manager and Create a Campaign

(2) Choose an Objective

I’d recommend choosing a ‘Conversion’ objective and have Facebook optimize your campaign to the people most likely to perform a certain action on your website like make a purchase or complete a registration form.

(3) Create Your Ad Set

(4) Label Your Ad & Choose a Page to Represent It

(5) In the Ad Setup drop-down you can select: “Use Existing Post”

(6) Choose a Post From The Window

** If you want to enter in a post ID number make sure to avoid using post IDs from a URL… Instead, you should find the FB post you want to use in “Page Posts” and find that post ID. **

(7) Publish Your Campaign

If you want to watch a full Facebook Ads tutorial video on how to create a Facebook ad from an existing post you can watch it below: