How to Make Your First Google AdWords Campaign

In this post I am going to show you the very basics of creating a Google AdWords campaign. When you are new to Google AdWords, creating the first campaign can be very intimidating because of the large amount of options. But, after enough practice you will become familiar with their platform. In this example I will be setting up a campaign this website “” So let’s get started!


Login to your account and click Campaign > New Campaign


Next, choose a campaign type (search, display, shopping, video, or universal app). For this example, I will choose “search.”


Now, choose a goal for the campaign (sales, leads, or website traffic). I will choose website traffic. Click Continue.


Name the campaign, choose if you want to have your ads show on the search network and / or the display network. I will choose the search network for this example.


Choose the locations, languages and the daily budget that you will be willing to spend on this campaign. Under the budget section you can have the option to pick stand or accelerated delivery method. Accelerated will increase the click to your website.


Focus on: conversions, conversion value, or clicks. After this you can leave the bid strategy of Maximize Clicks or click “select a bid strategy directly” to change this. Now you can choose a start / end date, pick a custom audience, and add different extensions.


Now you can add keywords to your campaign. I like to add around 500 to 700 keywords using the Google Keyword Planner. Google AdWords also comes up with some keyword suggestions when you enter in your website URL and product / service that you provide. Once you have the keywords in the box, you can choose between the three different match types: broad, phrase and exact match. (Read: 3 AdWord Match Types)


After this, click save and continue. This will bring you to step three where you can create an ad. Spend time creating a catchy headline and description. Look a the competition for good ideas.


There is also an option to insert a custom tracking code (ex. ClickMagick tracking link) when you click the “Ad URL Options.”

Click Save and Continue, and your ad will be submitted for approval. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple days.


And that is a very basic example of how to set up a Google AdWords campaign. You need to be very careful with the website that you submit for approval with Google AdWords. It is very easy to get your account banned. Read: 6 Ways to Protect Your Google AdWords account