How to Use Dynamic Creatives With Facebook Ads

In this post I’ll show you how to enable Facebook Ads “Dynamic Creative” in your Fb Ads campaigns. I’ll start off by explaining what the Facebook Dynamic Creative is & why you should be utilizing it!

The Dynamic Creative let’s us Facebook advertisers automatically deliver high-performing combinations of our creatives (images, videos, titles, ad text, CTA’s etc…) to our audience. Facebook then generates OPTIMIZED ad combinations based on these creatives.

These ad combinations are served across the placements of choice to explore the performance of each creative element within the given audience.

You can use Facebook Ads Dynamic Creatives in the following campaign objectives: Conversions, Traffic, Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness, and App Installs.

Once you choose one of the 6 campaign objective’s that allow dynamic creatives you can simply turn the dynamic creative ON…

Facebook’s dynamic creative accepts up to 10 images and videos and five text assets (primary text, headlines, and descriptions) and lastly 5 CTA’s (call-to-actions)…

You can additionally optimize the creative for each person (I recommend doing this…)

If you want to watch a FULL video tutorial on how to use Facebook Ads dynamic creatives you can watch below:

Enjoy 🙂