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Learn How to Make Money Online With Google AdWords

My name is Kody Karppinen and I have mastered unique strategies to receive low cost-per-click campaigns with Search Engine Advertising. With Bing Ads I have over 70,000 clicks at $0.05 CPC and with Google AdWords I have over 32,000 clicks / views at an average cost of $0.02.


Being able to get this many clicks at such a high Click-Through-Rate (3.02%) has allowed me to make a lot of money online. Being an affiliate marketer with Google AdWords can be very challenging because Google doesn't like us affiliates using their platform. I know this all too well. A couple years ago my account was banned because I was promoting affiliate offers.


I was destroyed when my account got banned. Google is the top of the food chain when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. More recently I was able to get my account reinstated after months of contacting support. I learned a lot from this experience like what you can and can't get away with. And now, I want to show you how an affiliate can make a lot of money with Google AdWords by sending traffic to a mini affiliate website.


I was sick and tired of creating landing pages for offers and having them disapproved so I came up with a way to get past this. Instead of creating landing pages, I started creating actual websites targeted for ONE affiliate offer. This technique is FREE and is almost guaranteed to be approved by Google AdWords.

Here is the Outline of my Google AdWords Training Course


Lesson 1: Signing Up / Finding Coupon Code (2:53)


Lesson 2: How to Protect Your Account From Being Banned (7:03)


Lesson 3: Creating a Mini Affiliate Website


Lesson 3 (Part 1): Getting Started Creating the Website (5:01)


Lesson 3 (Part 2): Basic Editing & Getting Ideas From Competition (10:38)


Lesson 3 (Part 3): Creating a Free Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer (10:14)


Lesson 3 (Part 4): Optional Upgrade Package, Custom Footer and Domain Name (6:16)


Lesson 3 (Part 5): Wrap Up, Changing Favicon and Basic SEO Strategies (5:18)


Lesson 4: Creating Your 1st Successful Campaign (7:13)


Lesson 5: How to Use Google's Keyword Planner (4:53)


Lesson 6: 3 Different Match Types & How to Easily Switch Them (5:36)


Lesson 7: Finding Highly Targeted Phrases & How to Track Campaign (9:00)


Lesson 8: Create Thousands of Buying Related Keywords (8:04)


Lesson 9: How to Create Sitelink Extensions (3:34)


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