How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing ($25,000/mo Strategy…)

I want to show you an in-depth affiliate marketing strategy that I used to generate $25,000+ in affiliate commissions in just one month.

The video below will be a great affiliate marketing tutorial for anyone wondering how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This video covers my $25,000 per month affiliate marketing strategy. Now I’ll cover what is mentioned in this video above…

First off, I talk about how there’s 3 different ways to promote an affiliate offer. They are as follows:

  • (1) Direct Linking
  • (2) Landing Page to Offer
  • (3) Email Optin Landing Pages

Each of the three methods above have their advantages & disadvantages. The focus of this post is to explain how to make money online using method #3 – building email lists…

Here is an example of a simple but effective landing page that collects emails:

I’ve been testing out hundreds of email submit landing pages and I’ve found that simple landing pages like the one above work great. Another type of landing page that works excellent are “quiz-styled” landing pages…

Now you might be thinking “why should I collect emails?” I’ll show you why:

Once you buy your traffic, send them to your lander, and collect their email you redirect them to the offer. Now you’ll have a chance to earn a “front end” affiliate marketing commission. But even if they don’t buy right away you can follow up with them using an autoresponder series.

In this autoresponder series you can do the following:

  • Try to promote the front end offer a few more times
  • Send value emails (great for building trust)
  • Promote related offers to your list (this is where the commissions start to roll in)

When you collect emails you have a chance for backend profits. This is how you can start building “long term value” with affiliate marketing. Now take a look at my excel statistics for the month of November:

Here are the front end stats for the month of November:

  • Revenue: $26,324
  • Cost: $19,936.56
  • Profit: $6,387.44
  • ROI: 32.04%

Now a 32% ROI is really good when promoting affiliate offers using paid ads. With that ROI I could potentially spend $100,000 in a month and make back: $32,040 in profit…

But now I want to show you WHY building email lists are the keys to success with affiliate marketing. Check out my back end profit for the month of November:

I made $2,878.50 in backend profits using an autoresponder series. Now let’s check out the new stats for the month of November:

  • Revenue: $29,202.50
  • Cost: $19,936.56
  • Profit: $9,265.94
  • ROI: 46.48%

By collecting emails and having an automated email sequence set up I took my ROI from 32% to 46%… This is a huge increase! I hope you see why it’s incredibly important to build email lists with affiliate marketing!

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I hope you got some value from this post 🙂