Learn how to Create 700+ Keywords for Your PPC Campaign in minutes


One of the biggest mistakes newbies make with PPC Advertising is having too few keywords to bid on. When you have a low amount of Keywords it will cause you to raise the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) significantly in order to receive traffic. If you utilize Google’s Keyword Planner you have around 700-800 relevant keywords to bid on which will allow you to get a lower CPC. This tool alone is a big reason why I was able to get over 55,000 clicks at just .04 cents per click

I will show you step by step how to use google’s keyword planner..


1.) Sign up for AdWords to get the Google AdWords Keyword Tool




2) Once signed in, click on the “Tools“ tab and click “Keyword Planner.“  Then click “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category




3) Enter in your product or services and your landing page

For example. If I am promoting a weight loss product, I will type in a couple phrases related to weight loss, like:

  • lose weight in 2 weeks
  • how to lose weight
  • weight loss program

I like to write 3-4 phrases related to the product I am promoting. Then add my landing page.




4) Click “Get Ideas“ and then Google will generate around 700 – 800 keywords for your PPC Campaign. Click “Download




5) You can download the keywords in an excel file or save it to a Google Sheets file




6) Once you have them downloaded you can copy and paste all the keywords to your PPC Campaign.





That is how you can generate 700-800 keywords in minutes for your PPC Campaign. Having all of these keywords available to bid on will allow you to have a lower cost per click and will get your ad more exposure.


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