How to Schedule Your Facebook Ads With Lifetime Budgets

Scheduling your ads on Facebook is an important thing to know how to do as an advertiser. Why? Well there’s a couple of reasons:

Reason #1: once you have a campaign running for awhile you’ll start to notice that certain times are far more profitable then others (Example: 5PM may be 3X more profitable then 11PM). When you find this out you can optimize your campaign by choosing to ONLY show ads during these times.

Reason #2: if you’re use Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing, some offers will ONLY allow traffic during a certain time period (example 6AM – 6PM M-F) because that is when their call centers are open and they want to contact those leads ASAP to maximize their ROI…

Now that we have that covered, let’s jump into the tutorial.

The first thing you must do is create a new campaign and then in the ad set level you do the following:

(1) Choose “Lifetime Budget”

(2) Set your Budget, Start & End Date, and click “Run Ads on a Schedule”

(3) Choose to use your time zone or the viewers time zone

(4) Highlight the Times You Want to Run Your Ads

That’s it. Once Facebook approves your campaign they will only show you ads during the highlighted sections from the image above!

If you want to watch a full FB Ads tutorial on how to schedule Facebook Ads using lifetime budgets you can see it below:

Enjoy 🙂