How to Spy on Your Competition With Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

Before I create ANY affiliate marketing campaign with ANY traffic source (ex: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Googles Ads, Native Ads, etc..) I start out by spying on my competition to see what others are doing right.

In this post I’ll cover how I spy on my Bing Ads competition. (Also, check out this video on how I Spy on Facebook Ads Campaigns)

Good news – even though there are paid ways of spying on Bing Ads campaigns I find manual (free) spying is just as effective!

One downside of manual spying is that you can only spy on ads that are running in your country. So if you live in the USA and want to promote offers in Australia you won’t be able to spy on those ads UNLESS you spy using a VPN

So let’s get started on how to manual spy with bing ads.

In this example let’s pretend we are promoting a supplement offer called CLA Safflower Oil.

I would start out by going to and typing in: “CLA Safflower Oil” … Once you search a related phrase you want to examine the top ads & check out their landing pages if they’re using them – remember as of right now you can direct link on Bing Ads with affiliate offers.

Keep in mind: the first ad 4 results are usually the ads that are doing the best. The top position for competitive keywords are more expensive so the top results are most likely the campaigns that are doing the best.

After this, I keep searching for related search terms and viewing these ads and their landers as well! At the bottom of the search results you’ll be able to see “Related Searches for CLA Safflower Oil” and these are the highest search volume keywords related to the phrase you typed in, so make sure to check those out!

As I’m going through my spying I like to take screenshots of ads & copy landing page URL’s and paste them into a blank word document for my swipe file! It’s always nice to have a swipe file to go back to as you’re creating your Bing Ads Campaigns! You can also swipe sitelink extensions that the top competitors are using – these are great for taking up valuable Bing Ads real estate with your ads!

If you want to watch a full tutorial on how to manually spy on your bing ads competitors you can watch the video below:

Enjoy 🙂

PS – make sure to check out my advanced bing ads training course & my Kody Knows YouTube Channel!