What is Bing Ads PPC Advertising

Bing Ads (formerly known as Microsoft AdCenter) is a program that allows PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising on the Bing & Yahoo search engines. Bing Ads can help your business find high quality customers and maximize your ROI (Return on Investment). You can do this by signing up with Bing Ads and creating an ad campaign that will potentially be seen by the millions of people who type keyword phrases into Bing and Yahoo search engines every day.


When a customer clicks on the ad you create, they are sent to your website and you will be charged a predetermined amount, anywhere from $0.05 – $5. Hence the name: Pay Per Click. You can send customers to your website, blog, affiliate links, landing pages, etc..


Bing provides various targeting options to get your ads in front of your preferred target audience. Here are a few of Bing Ads targeting strategies:

  • Geographic location
  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Language
  • Device
  • Age
  • Gender


When you create an ad campaign, you can choose to target certain geographic locations. Bing claims that there are 167 million U.S users on their search engine and that these users spend 26% more money online than other internet searchers. This allows advertisers like you and I to cash in using their program.


I have been using Bing Ads PPC for years now and I have become an expert in creating campaigns and monitoring them to obtain a maximum ROI. Throughout these years I have made thousands and thousands of dollars promoting affiliate offers. The main contribution to my success is how I am able to get hundreds of .05 cent clicks per day. In total, I have gotten over 65,000 clicks at just .05 cents per click to my affiliate offers. (See image below)



Many people ask me: “How do you get all of these .05 cent clicks?” I always tell them that the more keywords you import into your campaigns; the more chances you have to get all of these cheap clicks. One great way of creating hundreds of keyword phrases is to use the Google Keyword Planner. (Click here to learn how to use Googles Keyword Tool)


There are a lot more strategies I used in getting the results above. All of these strategies are covered in my Bing Ads Training course.